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Our Wedding Service


There are two priorities when planning a wedding service, the food and the visuals!! there is no point having amazing desserts without a beautiful and very 'instagramable' setting in which to serve them, and vice-versa.  We offer both. 

Brides and grooms to-be, have the choice of either letting us design the Wedding day menu to take all the stress away from them. Or they can have full control over our menu, selecting each flavour on offer and even coming up with their own special names for each offering. In these days of infinite choice, what could be better than being able to design your own menu to tie in with your carefully chosen theme. 

Now what may be even better than the delicious waffles we serve, is the fully custom built hot pink vintage horsebox we serve them in. When fully dressed up the combination of twinkling lights, flowers and vintage aesthetic, always draw a crowd and will be the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful wedding day. Looking as good in the photos as it will on the day, your guests will be blown away by our presentation. 

Please look through our Gallery and Menu, and contact us to see how we can help make your special day even more special.

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